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This section provides a list of documents available to co-op members such as Forms, Policies, Financial Statements, Committee Descriptions and more.

Member Resources: Text
Holding Tablet Computer

Cooperative Associations Act and Rules and Occupancy Agreement of the Ford Road Housing Cooperative

Member Resources: Welcome

Ford Road Co-op Policies

Available for Download

Access and Repairs

Access to Units

Arrears Policy

Balconies - Townhouse and Apartments

BBQ and Heater

Breakage or Damage

Cannabis Policy

Community Building Policy


Fineable Offences

Fines and Warnings

Fireworks Policy

Flooring Policy (Units)

Good Neighbour Policy

Grounds Maintenance 


Housing Charge Assistance

Health and Safety

Internal Moves Policy

Key Policy

Laundry Room

Member Complaint Form

Member vs Co-op Responsibilities

Over and Under-Housing

 Paint and Alterations (Units)

Parking Policy

Participation Policy (2023)

Pet Policy

PIPA Officer

PIPA Policy

Principal Membership and Associate Membership Shares

Renovations and Alterations

Security Cameras Policy

Smoking Policy

Spending Policy

Sprinkler Room Policy

Swimming Pool Policy

Townhouse Carports, Front and Back Policy

Member Resources: Files

Co-op Committees

The backbone of all Great Co-ops!

This is a work in Progress, check back here for a list of active committees and how to get involved

Member Resources: Services

Committee Descriptions 

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