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Action Plan

Approved on June 16th, 2016.

  1. Take Mission, Values and Vision to membership for approval.

  2. Begin work on a long-term plan including maintenance, asset management, and regular building condition assessments.

  3. Prepare a draft end of operating agreement budget.

  4. Call on government to provide assistance to lower-income members --- use CHF Canada website, send letters, invite MP and MLA to co-op, etc.

  5. Include annual board training in your corporate calendar.

  6. Consider forming an education committee.

  7. Review all co-op tasks to determine where members should contribute and consider hiring other jobs out.

  8. Develop a succession plan and a plan to build and maintain a strong, cohesive community.

  9. Consider forming a committee to explore ways to build and maintain a strong, cohesive community.

  10. Get Rules updated and approved by members.

  11. Review all policies to make sure they are in compliance with the Act, your Rules and the members' vision.

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