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Mission, Values and Vision

For the Ford Road Housing Co-op


Ford Road Housing Co-op provides affordable, safe and sustainable housing to a diverse membership in a supportive, co-operative community.


We value a respectful community, therefore we strive to provide an atmosphere where people feel safe to speak their minds at member meetings or interact with their neighbours. We encourage active participation of members to maintain the quality of our community and demonstrate co-operation.

We value financial accountability, therefore we practice sound financial management to ensure a sustainable future for Ford Road Co-op. We also strive to hold our members to the same standard of financial responsibility.

We value honesty; therefore we aim for transparent, fair and just practices by members, committees, the Board and our management company.


We will develop and maintain a long-term plan to ensure that our co-op is financially, structurally and environmentally sustainable.

We understand that the older our homes become the more it is going to cost to maintain them and to do this we will need to increase housing charges - our main source of revenue.

We will call on government to continue to provide subsidy assistance. If government won't help, we will examine ways to provide subsidy while keeping our housing affordable for all members.

We will arrange for a building condition assessment every three to five years. We will use that assessment to update the capital plan. We will also use annual unit and common space inspections to develop and carry out preventative maintenance plans as well as ongoing annual maintenance plans. We will do annual evaluations to make sure we are following our plans.

We believe that co-op education is critical to our success. We will allocate resources to provide our members with opportunities for co-op education and our board with training.

We will research and discuss the most meaningful ways that members can contribute to the co-op. This will include the best way to achieve the necessary balance between good governance and sound management.

We will also develop a plan to ensure we have sound leadership which is vital to our co-op's success.

Ford Road Housing Co-op will strive to maintain a safe, friendly environment for all our members. We will look at ways we can contribute to building and maintaining a strong, cohesive co-op community that reflects our values.

We will make sure our Rules are up-to-date and regularly review all of our policies to make sure they are in compliance with the Co-op Act and our Rules. We will also ensure that our Board has an annual training session so that our directors are clear on their role in enforcing policy.

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